Lenten Daily Devotional

The Message of Psalm 19
February 23, 2021   Scripture:    Psalm 19                                                                      
    The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of His hands.

                                                                  Psalm 19:1
During the process of editing these devotions over the last few weeks, I have read 46 amazing stories and/or expressions of grief and praise from the laypeople of the WV United Methodist Conference.  
But because of spending time with these other devotions, as I sat to write this one, I found the computer screen remained blank.  No matter how many times I started to write, no words comparable to your words came.  Or, rather, no words that made sense to me.
My Scripture is Psalm 19.  And as I read and reread, in several different translations, I received no new insights that I felt called to share with you.  Then it dawned on me what God was trying to tell me, and I was too self-involved to hear.  Maybe the message of this day is not meant to be a message of new information.  Maybe the words that I am meant to share with you are words that have lived, and continue to live, in our hearts and in our world many, many years after they were first spoken.  
Please follow this link and take a moment to read all 14 verses of Psalm 19.
David is retelling, with joy and celebration, of God’s greatness since the days the earth was created.  God was still just as great in the days of David.  The world that God had created, the laws that God had established to control the sun and the moon, were still functioning as God originally designed them.  And these very words of praise that David spoke to God’s glory are still just as meaningful and true today!
Our God created this world.  God set this world into motion. God established the rules that men in this world are still meant to honor.  All because of the great love God has for you and me.  It matters not what evils lurk or what diseases flow across this land.  The Eternal Plan God established for God’s people will stand forever.  THANKS BE TO GOD.
  Prayer: Now…May the words of our mouths and the meditations of our hearts be forever pleasing to You, O Lord, our Strength and Redeemer.  Amen.  
Eva Hensley Faulkner
Carr Memorial United Methodist Church
Southern District
Certified Lay Minister Adult Sunday School Leader, Church Treasurer, 
Southern District Lead Team, Superintendency Committee, UMW District Spiritual Formation Coordinator, DCOM, 
WVUMC Spiritual Formation Team, Discover Team, Nomination Committee, WVUMC Associate Lay Leader
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