Clergy, along with individuals who lead local congregations, their families, retired pastors, and surviving spouses are cordially invited to join us on January 13th at 2pm. The gathering will take place at the Chapel on the campus of Burlington United Methodist Family Services in Beckley.

Advent is a bustling season for those involved in the church community. Instead of adding another event to your already hectic calendar, the Southern District is hosting an Epiphany Party following the Advent and Christmas Eve celebrations. Epiphany falls on January 6th this year, but we’re taking some creative liberties, so we might as well call it an “Epiphany(ish) party”!

During the event, the Southern District will provide food, including croissant sandwiches, fresh fruits and vegetables, cheese and crackers, and desserts. In addition, there will be a presentation about the ministry of Burlington United Methodist Family Services and the possibility of live entertainment.

Please register by January 6th.  We eagerly anticipate your presence at this event and hope to see you there!


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