2023 Southern District Charge Conference Information

This is the go-to spot for 2023 Charge Conference Information!

Please submit your completed Charge Conference paperwork one week prior to your scheduled Charge Conference.

This year all our churches will have to opportunity to submit their charge conference information online! This is the perferred method, and we believe after a some time spent familiarizing yourself with the online platform you will find this to be a much easier and quicker process.

If you are unable (or uncomfortable) submitting things online, you may still submit paper copies to the Southern District Office. Further down the page you’ll find all the traditional forms you know and love!

Charge Conference Forms Online / Brick River Instructions

Church Dashboard Log In *NOTE: You will need your church’s GCNO number and the standard password to log in.

Online Reference Material

Charge Conference Forms

Station Church Forms

Multi Church Forms

ZIP files for Station or Multi Church Forms